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wahhhh happened ??

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Sooooo I’m here again. yay!

I am finally A. Not sick B. Moved into my new (super sweet) apartment C. Doing vocals for my new album. This is good. We recorded the first round of new songs and they are sounding beautiful. Now on to the next round. I am writing everyday. I have figured out a few things about myself and how I work best when it comes to writing. Throw me into a new environment every once in a while and the words just come to me. I like moving around and that’s why it will be fantabulous if we can do the next round of songs in a special place. I have one place in mind. It’s on top of a mountain, in¬†Colorado¬†and it has the highest ceilings, the largest windows and the chillest vibe I’ve ever felt. Must pull strings for this.

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