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Friday, January 14th, 2011

I just came to appreciate this whole blogging thing. It feels good. It  feels like a thousand people are going to be reading this even if only two people actually do. It’s a good thing but it’s nothing like the feeling I get from songwriting. Nothing in the world quite like writing songs. FREEDOM

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Therapy Session With Myself About Talking to Myself

Friday, January 14th, 2011

I’m currently sick with bronchitis. For those of you who’ve never been blessed with bronchitis, FYI, it’s about as fun as watching CSPAN (minus the prank callers). Yes, yes bronchitis is about as fun as running into oncoming traffic. Or counting ants. While coughing uncontrollably. So, I am starting new antibiotics today. I got a shot yesterday (ouchins!) and I’m being as lazy as possible. I have to miss out on my Grammy’s birthday dinner tonight at my folks house and that’s a bummer. I have the most glamorous, fun and beautiful Grandmother. She plays in a ukulele band, enjoys drinking wild turkey, keeps it classy and always has a smile on her face. I won’t say how old she’s turning because that does not matter. She is still in her twenties as far as I’m concerned. Her passion for life and having fun is what makes her forever young. I have a nice gift for her, she loves jewelry. I guess I’ll have to give it to her at a later time :( I may be sick but I still feel guilty about missing her party. Hey, I suppose it’s better than showing up tonight bringing the gift of bronchitis for everyone to enjoy.

I feel like I’ve been caged up in my apartment too long but I don’t feel well enough to get out. It’s times like these I start asking myself questions like: “When am I going to feel healthy again?”, “Is coffee bad for you when you’re sick?”, “Should I see a therapist? Da-hude. I’m up here in my pjs drinking cough syrup  (as prescribed) having conversations with my cats, myself AND the television. Therapist?”…. no no no. These behaviors exist even when I’m healthy. I have such great conversations with myself that I could be my own therapist….

Therapist:   How are you feeling today Katie?

Me:   Oh you know, a little isolated..

Therapist:    Mhmm, well, where do you think these feelings of isolation are stemming from?

Me: Uhhh, from islolating myself?

Therapist:  You came to see me today and that’s a good first step. Let’s focus on the positive. Tell me how you feel.

Me:   You are me

Therapist:  Well, yes.

Me:   No. Not well yes. Yes. I gotta go, I’m not in the mood for therapy.

Therapist:   Ok then, I’ll see you next Tuesday at 4

Me:   No, you’ll see me constantly, you are me.

Therapist:   No, YOU’ll see ME constantly, you are ME.

Me:   I disagree with you.

Therapist:   So, are you saying that you disagree with yourself?

Me: Exactly b*tch now back off

Wasn’t quite sure how to end that segment.

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Music Update for You, Yes You!

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Hey to all the awesome faces reading this! We have 5 brand new songs finished for my next album. It won’t be complete for a few more months but I’ll be performing the new songs at my shows starting in February.  Rehearsals are going great! I love my band guys :) we have been working very hard but we goof off a little too and I like that. We are still productive. We goof off productively.. and we make some sweet sweet music! Here are the titles of the new 5 songs:

1. The Knife
2. Sleep Tight
3. We All Fall Down
4. Boys Like You
5. Courtney’s Song

Soon I’ll post the lyrics

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“Moroccan Bazaar” read to find out what the Heck that means

Friday, January 14th, 2011

I went to the grocery store and ended up on the aisle with the candles and air fresheners and I found this new Febreeze flavor that smells SO good. Of course I tested it right there in the aisle and then, of course, Mrs. business suit lady comes my way and has to walk through the massive cloud of “Moroccan Bazaar” that I sprayed. She coughed and started walking faster. I didn’t watch to see if she sped up but I could hear the rhythm of her heels speed up. So I test out air fresheners in the store before I buy them. Is that allowed? I always do it. I also try out nail polish right there in the store. Hmmm. If anyone has any information on that, please let me know. “Moroccan Bazaar” is the name of the Febreeze flavor I bought. Bahahaha! What does that even mean?! It sounds like the name of a traveling gypsy circus group. I could go look it up on google but I think I like it just how it is in my mind. “Greetings, I am Majinga, and this is my assistant Magic Genie.. And we are Moroccan Bazaar!! Oooooh ahhhhh!” cabbage.

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