“Moroccan Bazaar” read to find out what the Heck that means

I went to the grocery store and ended up on the aisle with the candles and air fresheners and I found this new Febreeze flavor that smells SO good. Of course I tested it right there in the aisle and then, of course, Mrs. business suit lady comes my way and has to walk through the massive cloud of “Moroccan Bazaar” that I sprayed. She coughed and started walking faster. I didn’t watch to see if she sped up but I could hear the rhythm of her heels speed up. So I test out air fresheners in the store before I buy them. Is that allowed? I always do it. I also try out nail polish right there in the store. Hmmm. If anyone has any information on that, please let me know. “Moroccan Bazaar” is the name of the Febreeze flavor I bought. Bahahaha! What does that even mean?! It sounds like the name of a traveling gypsy circus group. I could go look it up on google but I think I like it just how it is in my mind. “Greetings, I am Majinga, and this is my assistant Magic Genie.. And we are Moroccan Bazaar!! Oooooh ahhhhh!” cabbage.

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2 Responses to ““Moroccan Bazaar” read to find out what the Heck that means”

  1. Gregz Says:

    December 7th, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    LMAO!!! that’s great! hahahaaaaaa!!!! You’re hilarious

  2. Katie Says:

    February 18th, 2012 at 11:15 pm

    Thanks Greg :)

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