Paper Girl

“Katie Carroll’s Paper Girl puts her haunting, fragile voice front and center…….Carroll tugs at the heartstrings with lines like ‘Cut me up, tear me apart/ Rip me up, break my heart/ I’m just a paper girl.’ Carroll, a self-taught singer and musician, seems to be on the wrong side of heartbreak for most of the album, but she goes on the offensive in the song ‘Relying,’ warning a would-be lover that she’s ‘been a bad girl before.’ She still delivers that sentiment in a delicate, sweet tone, though…. For the most part, Carroll sticks with a hushed, sultry delivery that suits the album’s subject matter quite well.”
-Mark Schectman, 102.1 Local Edge Show.

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1) Paper Girl
2) Leech
3) One More Chance
4) Who You Are
5) I Want You
6) Relying
7) So In Love with You
8) Raining Today
9) Abort
10) Star Girl